Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day...

happy valentines day people!
we were pretty low key this year (well, we are every year), so much so that we didn't even wrap each others gifts! ha. so lazy. and i didn't even have an envelope for the card i got him (when i bought it, i forgot to pic up the envelope. doh)
starbucks bag totally counts as wrapped, no? he loves big mugs, so it's a mug you can write on with a white marker, then bake it and it stays on.. forever!
'love me or i'll kill you'--such a thoughtful gift!!  haha (and it appears i lose my upper lip sometimes when i smile)
 and a muffin/mini cake pan

animal cards; penguins ('you make me melt') and squirrels ('i'm nuts about you')

we made some crazy 7 layer mexican tortilla pie for dinner last night (recipe here; so good!) and we studied lots. now he's going soon and i have to continue to study for 3 midterms.

also, Nicole is posting love stories all day long :) you can read ours here on her blog, and read the rest of them here !


Nikolett said...

I got so excited when I saw yours and Dylan's love story today, so cute! Love your idea of a lowkey Valentine's, I'm much the same way though I'm afraid I won't get a sweet mug like Dylan got. And I love the squirrel card! Happy Valentine's Day, and good luck with studying for the midterms!

*M* said...

Cute! Good luck on your midterms!

Katie said...

aww what a cute valentine's day! I love doing things low key sometimes.

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