Wednesday, January 26, 2011

so what wednesday...

-so what if i haven't washed my hair in a few days..i've been wearing a toque anyways (i have showered, fyi)
-so what if i had salad, doritos, and cinnamon hot lips for dinner the other night
-so what if chloe hasn't been getting her usual walks...-30 means it's just too darn cold
-so what if i'm one of the few students who still brings a notebook to class over a laptop; i like writing notes and a laptop is too heavy/distracting
-so what if i wear sweatpants to class a lot..they're comfy alright!
-so what if i'm already counting down to NYC...3 months will come fast
-so what if said trip is not even booked yet
-in fact, so what if i think about nyc
-so what if i have a rib (or 2, i'm not sure) that sticks out on my left side that my friends always called my "third boob"- it's uniquely 'me'

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Amy said...

I have one of those ribs too!!

Annie said...

your dinner from the other night sounds like my kinda dinner! ;)

Katie said...

I have to wash my hair everyday, one day without washing it, I'm a grease head... eww
I dont bring my laptop to class either, unless my teacher talks too fast for me to write. I like writing notes and the students who bring their laptop usually are on fb or playing games.. I'd be too distracted.

Bree! I was deleting some emails and I found the last email we exchanged. I never wrote back to you and I'm sure it was in the midst of finals. So sorry!
I'm going to write you back. I loved exchanging emails with you :)

Emily @ TheLastWord said...

Glad I'm not the only one that has been slacking on dog-walking duties. I'm such a bad dog-mom.

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