Thursday, January 6, 2011

books, books, books...

for christmas, one of the many gift cards i got was for indigo; comparable to your borders (i think). it was a $50 gift card, plus i had a $10 off coupon when you spend $50. great. so i found some books and then my friend who works there got me another discount and my total came to $49.10. pretty good!
the top book i'm in the middle of reading, the other 4 are the new ones i bought :) i'm still into true crime, as you can see! but i've heard good things about chelsea handler books, so i threw one in!

i just finished the last one, and i would like to get one more in before i start school next monday. because when school hits, my leisure reading takes a deep nose dive and i'm consumed in texts and court cases.

what i love is that me and dylan both have a love for books. i don't think i could ever go the e-reader route. we've both built up quite a library of books (me-mostly true crime, fashion and some girly ones; him-religion, environmental and other that are way beyond my intellectual capacity ha) and we never turn down an opportunity to visit a (preferably used) book store. heck, we went to nyc in the summer for books! well, bookstores...

books, ftw! 

& total coincidence too that the last few days everyone seems to have written posts about books; i've had this written since the beginning of the week -not a copy cat, promise ;)


Sarah said...

I looove getting new books!

Zsara Louise said...

haha I know it's like everyone thought of books at the same time!

I wish I could ask you to borrow them (dang) but those killer books sound interesting. Also - jealous of your bargaining with the vouchers and discounts! Sounds like you handled it like a pro!!


Amy said...

I love an actual book - I just don't want an e-reader! I look at the computer screen ALL DAY and don't want to look at a screen to read... and there is something wonderful about reading a good book and seeing how far into it you are.

daniela said...

Also in total agreement re: e-books. I love LIVE books lol And it's just another piece of technology that I have to worry about keeping safe lol

I always go to the Starbucks in indigo for work coffee (even though it's further) just to look at what they've got, but I'm a library kinda girl. I don't really want to buy books until I have a legit home and a permanent place to store them - like my own personal library! :D

Oh, and the Chelsea Handler books are hilarrr! I have yet to read the 3rd one (Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang) but I heard more good reviews :) Let me know what you think!

Annie said...

i used to be obssesed with true crime books and all those kinds of stories.
i love the chelsea handler books! she is too funny! you will enjoy it ;)

Brittany said...

:) CHelsea is my home girl! I love her! :)))

I love that you guys share a love for books! I think thats important! I could never be with a guy who didnt like to read! i Have this fantasy of being with a guy laying in bed, reading...

is that ridiculous?

I didn't think so :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh. I work at a bookstore and the amount of money I spend on them now! (Though it's a remainder bookstore so they're all super cheap! You should see if there's any in your area :D)
I have 2 stacks of books-in-waiting on my desk...that i bought in the past month. Oops.

Mel x

p.s found your blog through 'love,zsara''s blog :)

Saumya said...

So jealous! I love books and LOVE Chelsea. Have you read all of her memoirs? I just got my sister Are You There Vodka? Also love her show for it's celebrity gossip, haha. I love chai tea lattes and coffee too!! I just got the chai tea latte concentrate from the grocery store and make them at home all the time now.
Excited to be a new follower. Your blog is beautiful and fun :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you find the Chelsea Handler book to be quite hilarious, and if you find you're oddly amused by that humor you must read I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max. It's deeply disturbing and extremely unmoral but def. one of the most hilarious books I have ever read.

And I too was extremely against the e-reader because of my love for book collections....but, I exchanged a birthday gift for one since it wouldn't cost me anything and I love it!!

Happy reading!

Ashley said...

I LOVE Chelsea Handler's books. I am on her latest one. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry reading her crazy stories! Enjoy!!

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