Wednesday, December 29, 2010

who knew 4 day old pups would be cute?!

ever seen a baby (like i mean really baby) puppy? 4 days old? neither have i. until a few days ago when i went to dylans parents for dinner and their dogs had just had 3 puppies. they were born on the 22nd and i went on the 26th. man they were small and their eyes weren't even open yet! and these pictures are with my new camera so they're pretty good ;) the mom is a pekingese-chihuahua and the dad is a chihuahua.
 3 itty bitty babies and moma
 they were soo light, like i was holding a hamster or something!
 1 blonde one and 2 like this favorite
 ahh i die!

the proud dad

not sure how big they'll get, but 2 days before they were the size of dylans finger (!), so they're growing by the day. such cute little things.


Suki said...

Ahhhhh! Too cute. This is why most people want to get their dogs as puppies! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh they are just precious!!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, too cute!!

Slightly Undone said...

Oh my gah! I am dying. Please put one in a little box and send to me! :)

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