Friday, December 17, 2010

ready for christmas full force now...

now that i am done exams and off school until january 10th (AHHH lets let out a big cheer!), i am back home at my parents!! but until christmas i will be busy, busy, busy....

today-hair appt; last time i got full highlights was mid, and then a bit of christmas shopping with my mom
monday-christmas shopping with my dad for my mom
tuesday-i'll make this a wrapping day, that way both my parents are at work and i can just do my thing without them being around
wednesday-annual christmas pot luck with my girlfriends..can't wait for that
thursday-grandpa's birthday get together for cake
friday-well, christmas eve!! with my dads side of the family
saturday-CHRISTMAS!! wooo, with my moms side of the family

and somewhere in between, dylan wants me to make him ginger molasses cookies. and i have to do my part for the pot luck--cake pops! and watch christmas vacation with my parents and dylan. and me and my mom usually watch the i love lucy and bewitched christmas shows. andddd  eat a lot of christmas cookies.

 and i leave you with this lovely gem of a pic. us being ridiculous last year on christmas day-after the dinner was done and we were waiting for my parents to start a movie..

hope you all have a good weekend!


Annie said...

sounds like you are going to be busy and having a lot of fun!! enjoy your break hun! :)
love the silly pic, ha!

Lived With Love said...

have a great christmas! :)

Amanda - Small Home Big Start said...

Congrats on being done exams! Hope that you have a nice time home with the family...even if it looks like next week will be a little crazy.

Unknown said...

That picture is hilarious! :D Happy holidays!

Nikolett said...

Such a funny and cute picture! Congrats on being done exams! I still have one more to go, but no more classes after that (I just need to find a job, gulp). And me and my girlfriends are having a potluck dinner on the 23rd, too! Hope both of ours is a blast :D Have a great weekend!!

Sarah said...

Sounds lovely, have fun! :)

Beth said...

just wanted to let you know that if you get your camera for christmas (i hope you do!), it doesn't come with the cord to upload your photos!! i was bummed when i found out!

Eri said...

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