Monday, November 8, 2010

people are f*cking sick..

yesterday, i walked past this. obviously english isn't their first language, but that's  besides the point. it says: "after a week of missing, my cat finally came home. unfortunately he came hurt. by the looks of the wounds he was tied up and tortured. many of us have outdoor cats in this neighbourhood and this is why i have decided to post this, so you are away of what kind of neighbours we have." the picture is hard to tell because the paper was put in a plastic sheet and it rained the other day, so the condensation makes it hard to see. i think the open wound is the cats neck. i certainly don't live in a neighbourhood you would expect this from (not that you should expect it anywhere..but you know what i mean..)

there are exactly 2 movies (involving people) that make me cry; scratch that, bawl like a baby-PS I love you and a walk to remember. i love them both, but boy do they get me going. But show me a movie about an animal being hurt, or dying and I'm a wreck. don't even get me started on marley and me...i was uncontrollably sobbing in the theatre, like i couldn't breath, and on the way home, and at home...
i think the first movie i cried at was a movie about a german shepherd. i swear it was called 'hero' but i can't find it on google anywhere. i was young, so i could be wrong. i got it from mcdonald's of all places in a happy meal and our family german shephard had just been put down.
i know it may not sound very nice, but i can watch the news and hear stories of people who have been hurt or have died and yes, i feel bad, but it does not even come close to the pain, hurt, rage, etc i feel when i see something involving animals.

human beings have the capacity to understand what is going on. they may not know why it's happening, but they can comprehend what is going on. and they can defend themselves. maybe not very well in all cases, but they can try. animals cannot. they have absolutely no idea why they are being hit by their owner when they don't do something right, or stuffed in a cage for their whole life to breed, or kicked and stepped on by some punk, low life, idiot who deserves to be tortured them self, who thinks it fun.

i remember last year on campus, i walked into a building and there was a table set up with newspapers on it. a guy asked me if i wanted to buy one and support whatever topic it was (i think it had to do with women in poorer countries who didn't have rights). i just told him 'sorry, no.' He asked why and had asked my political party as well; i told him it didn't matter and he said i must be interested in something. when i said animals, he looked at me like I was an idiot with 3 heads and said "so, you care more about animals than people?" and to that I simply replied "yes" and walked away. like hello, people can support different things! that's what makes the world go round.

this post was mostly a rant; i could feel my blood boiling and tears coming to my eyes when i saw that poster. what a despicable person.
and what a way to start a monday eh?

also, this post is not meant to start any arguments or mean-spirited debates. it's just what came to mind when i saw the poster.


Unknown said...

To be very honest- I couldn't look at the picture nor read most of your post. I am in total agreement with you on this. It's absolutely awful.

Our dog was stolen by someone who was very upset with my dad (we caught them poaching on our land and they ended up with over 9 massive fines). We never saw our dog again. I am just terrified by what most likely happened to him. People are cruel.

Harley said...

I'm 100% like you - anything involving animals makes me cry my eyes out. It's awful!

Speaking of distressing - my brother showed me the trailer for a documentary called Earthlings, basically about how badly people treat animals, and I couldn't even watch the trailer. On one hand I want people to watch it, because I feel it's important for people to know these things but on the other hand I know that I for one would never watch it because I just couldn't. I am physically unable.

Also - Marley & Me; heartbreaker.

Unknown said...

i agree with you a 100%. in find it hard to even believe people could be so cruel to makes me sick in the stomach. how could someone treat something so bad!? some humans make me sick. thanks for this and as hard as that poster is for me to look at, i'm glad that owner of the cat did it to remind people that animals shouldn't be treated like that.
xoxo, jamie

Hepburn Hilton said...

:( I'm sad now. Wonder why they let the cat go... Sickos!

Brittany said...

break my heart :(!

Poor little thing!

Amy said...

I totally agree with this post. Breaks my heart. I hate the Secret Window for that. I can't stand when they kill animals or make them suffer in movies. I hate irresponsible pet owners.
Marley and Me? I can cry thinking about it, I BAWLED... I started crying the second he struggled up the steps.

My boyfriends sister's dog just got put down last Wednesday, and my heart is still freshly broken. I miss her so much.

And... the Hero movie, I think I know what you're talking about I tried to google a bit, but I could only find the Littlest Hobo!

Did you ever see the movie Fluke? Also sooo sad.

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