Thursday, November 4, 2010


i decided that i liked my curly hair from halloween so much that i would curl it again last night, without the tonne of hairspray (although still a little) and without the teasing (i don't know why people tease their hair...getting it out--worst thing ever!!! my hair was SO heavy once it was wet and a billion knots made into one giant knot-nightmare. that's all)
 last night, full on curls. then i slept on it to soften it..(also, bad quality because i was using the front 1 megapixel camera on my phone so i could see what i was getting a picture of and it was dark)
and woke up like makeup on, so if under my eyes look dark, it's because of whatever mascara doesn't come off when i wash my face at night smudges over night..just sayin' ;)
and a kiss to dylan

as the day goes on, i'm separating the curls to look more natural..hopefully tomorrow it will look even better.

and this is the bad boy i use to do it. very skinny. i'm pretty sure it's from the 80's too. maybe the 90's, but i don't think so. please don't die for a while!! i start from the bottom and un-clip very small sections at a time.

so i think you've seen enough pictures of me for today haha

this definitely won't be an all the time thing since it takes about an hour (the day before it was in a low side braid, so it was already dry). i also stopped blow drying and straightening my hair for the most part 15 months ago. my hair feels so much healthier. i'm also sure it has to do with MOROCCANOIL-amazing.
the 3rd and 4th pictures make it look like it's kind of flat, it's really not. it's got a lot of volume. oh well, we'll see how it looks tomorrow!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

You look adorable. I love your curls. I've been curling my hair lately but I need to pull myself away from the curling iron, I accidentally burned my hair last week and up to now it still smells burnt. grrr!

Unknown said...

I love this!! I have really wavy hair already and can sleep on curls for days and they still look the same. I might try this tonight!

Hey Barbie said...

Beautiful curls! I am in love with Moroccan Oil too! I can tell a difference when I use it vs. when I don't. I also use something else that is a leave in conditioner and it works great!

Harley said...

HOW do you manage to keep the curls in?! When I curl my hair they fall out after about an hour, even if I create a new ozone hole with all the hairspray I use! So annoying!

Katie said...

You can sleep on your hair and it still loooks that good! ahh u lucky girl! I must roll around alot because I wake up and its messy. I wish I could curl it the night before!
It looks soooo cute

Hepburn Hilton said...

You look amazing!! What spray did you use to my it hold?? When teasing you defiantly need a heck of a conditioner and anti-tangeling spray to get rid of the knots. You also need a deep cleansing shampoo to get rid of the product. I used to tease, but now I discovered this powder from osis Schwartzkopf called dust it that does the job. You still need the deep cleansing shampoo, but at least your knot free!!

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