Thursday, October 7, 2010

a moment, a love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs...

ok, so i missed my post yesterday about the concert, but i had a paper to write, which is due today! so, my apologies. but here we are now! so my 2 girlfriends came up around 12:30 (and i didn't go to my class, oops) and we just walked and shopped around the city. it was such a crummy day though; damp and little sprinkles of rain here and there. luckily, the heavy rain didn't start until we were about 10 minutes away from my place, and we had umbrellas. i ended up getting a major part of my halloween costume while out, which i am so so excited about!! i'm not giving it away just'll have to wait ;) the best part? it fits like a glove, no alterations needed and it was only $38. i only need a few other little accessories and they should be cheap. so yay for that!

we got back to my place around 5 and just freshened up from being out all day. soon enough, we were off to a restaurant around the corner from me for some much needed dinner and then it was off to the concert. my friend decided she wanted to drive instead of take a cab and it totally worked to our favor. parking only cost us 50 cents because we could use a meter and it wasn't enforced after a certain time. score!

so who did we see? The Temper Trap. ever heard of them? no? (that's a lot of questions) well, they're awesome. and if you've seen 500 days of summer, then yes, you've heard a song! *sweet disposition* (that will take you to their youtube video). seriously, every song is so good.
they played at Phoenix Concert Theatre. i had never been there, but it was a pretty cool venue. a good, small size with an upper level that had some seating too. it's a place that no matter where you stand, you feel close and can see perfectly. bonus in a shorty's book(ie me!) anyway, 2 bands played before but we only saw the second one. not sure who they were, but they were pretty good. then it was the guys i've been waiting for! what a good show it was. short, but that's because they only have one cd.

i love seeing a band live and they're just as good as what you hear on a cd. it's nice to know they're not manufactured and fake, ya know? overall, they put on an awesome concert, and the lead singer is adorable. he's got such a wicked, kind of different, somewhat high voice. i'm sad to say not a single picture turned out of the show, my camera hates dark concerts apparently. but, i did get 2 videos.
 ready to go!
 hoodies and jackets required in rainy weather :(
see, this is what i got. not impressed. btw, that's the singer with his head kind of back playing guitar, because it probably looks like a blob to everyone.
a little clip of 'fader'
'sweet disposition'-my favorite. although i'm a little peeved i missed the very beginning "sweeeeeet dis-po-sition..." part..i didn't start recording fast enough.

i wish the show had gone on longer :(  and i'm also hoping they have a new cd coming out soon! 
but really, go listen to some of their songs. now. go! ;)


chiarabella said...

love love love the temper trap. i'd been planning on getting tickets for that show all summer until school schedule came and ruined my plans. glad i got to experience it vicariously through you!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. What a gorgeous bunch you guys are. =)

Blicious said...

sounds so fun!! cute pictures!


Jamie said...

I love that song! SO good. I would love to see them in concert, looks fun! :]

JMay said...

Love them, jealous-looks like you had a blast! :-)

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