Thursday, October 21, 2010

blackberry lovers, don't turn on me, ok?

this is today; just studying. i've got a midterm at 3. one essay question (in class) about battered womans syndrome and how courts should deal with it. 25%. lets do this! but then, it's my weekend as of 6pm. i love no friday classes, or monday either for that matter-yay for 4 day weekends all semester! and, next week is the only week of the whole semester  i don't have anything due. thank goodness for that.

in unrelated, but far more important news. i was finally able to get a new phone. i complained a lot for the past 6 months or so that my blackberry was crappin' out more and more each day. first, i wasn't eligible for an upgrade until september, then that came and went and i still couldn't get my grubby hands on an iphone 4. i was getting more and more mad at my phone everyday for freezing, having no memory left, trackball not working name it. finally, yesterday, october  20...i got my iphone. after 3 flippin' months since it came out!!

yes, i have moved to the dark side, and may have disappointed some of you. but this phone is awesome. i have the itouch, but man, the screen quality is unreal on this thing. and obviously the apps..oh the photo apps!! love. i downloaded about 8 of them last night (all free ones), and i'm, testing them out to see what i like best, but so far they are amazing. it was like christmas last night haha

the only things i miss? BBM of course (but like i told dylan, it's not 1998, text msg's send now when they're supposed to, you don't need a D or R to tell you that), the flashing light and the little icons at the top of the screen when you  had an email, missed call, facebook message etc. actually, if there is a way to get that last one, and i just don't know, would someone tell me? please?

ok, this turned out way longer than intended. time to get a coffee and study for a few more hours!


dating diva said...

Good luck studying! I'm just wrapping up midterms and I've been running off coffee for days lol. Hope the paper turns out well :)


Unknown said...

good news sweet heart, there's a BBM app! it's genius!

daniela said...

Despite your move to the dark side...i will keep reading your great posts :) But i still believe you will come (crawling) back, and we'll accept you with open arms. And maybe one or two "i told ya so"s LOL kidding

There's something called "whatsapp" - idk the details of it but i've heard good things so google it on your study break.

Good luck on your middy!

Lauren Nicole said...

i was a die hard fan of my blackberry..
it never left my side..
until it started going to the hour glass timer..
five times a day..
demanding a battery pull..
i was fed up..

i got an htc phone, powered by android
i am a traitor, i know, but i loooove it
i do miss bbm, but other features make up for that

hope you enjoy your iphone!!
i love new technology (:

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

ohhhh how I LOVE my iPhone! I hope you enjoy yours :) Good luck with midterms!

PattyAnn said...

Ummmm iPhones are the bomb diggety. You will be hooked if you aren't already! Good luck with your studies :)

Harley said...


Blackberries the PHONES...

I think it's a sign of how bunged up my head is that I originally thought that you were talking about the fruit, and was expecting a post filled with blackberry-the-fruit hate.

Yes, I'll just... go back and curl up under the duvet again. Don't mind me.

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