Monday, September 20, 2010


on sunday, dylan and i took chloe to this:
put on by Holt Renfrew. she certainly did not like sitting on the red pillow with all eyes on her! there were a bunch of dogs around and all so cute. we also left with quite the 'doggie bag!'
here's her picture..she's not even looking! see, the problem was, they used a camera with a delay. seems pretty silly to me. when you're working with dogs, you certainly do not want a delay. she was looking at the camera, and then 1.5 seconds later, she looked away and it took. darn. although i'm pretty sure every other dog was looking at the camera at some point haha
they all got red bandannas, so they could be snazzy little dogs ;)
excited to dig in.
all the swag she got, $50 value! (including a $5 starbucks card for the parents!)
included a stuffed monkey, treats, modern dog magazine, a martini cookie, a pen, a crystal pendant..
chloe with her new 'organic fido' money; gosh, she certainly doesn't look like she was brushed 1 hour before this picture...

here's the thing-i would love your help (and chloe too)!! the winner gets a diamond pendant valued at $1500 and a $250 shopping spree at Holt Renfrew (which would probably buy one tshirt haha). voting is online starting today until the 26th. if you guys could give her a vote *here* that would be greatly appreciated :):) (although you do have to put in your email, it doesn't say that it's given out or used for anything, strictly to manage voting so people don't go out of control, but if you don't want to, i understand!)
you can search by name (breanne) or entry # (308).
now, don't go looking at the other dogs and vote for them just because they're looking at the camera and they're cute! ;)
thanks a bunch to anyone who does!!


Brittany said...


So cute!

How fun!

I tried to vote, but couldnt find. I searched for you, but couldnt find it! I'll try again in a sec!

ChYmEc!nDy** said...

What a cute dog.

Alicia said...

how cute!! i love it!! i would totally take my pups to something like that too!! and she still looks adorable, even if she wasn't looking at the camera :)

Katie said...

you have a cute puppy!!!
Bree, hows school going?!? I'm still struggling ughhhh and a lot of it has to do with my new roommates, I butt heads with them alot!

Misty Michelle said...

I went online and voted for your puppy!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! Such a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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