Monday, September 13, 2010

make me feel, like i'm the only girl (in the world)...

this weekend, me and dylan had a little date night. honestly, it had been a while. i was in the mood for dessert and knew exactly where i wanted to to! Caffe Demetre; it had been so long since we had been here last and this place is so good. the menu is massive; like literally 2 ft tall, but also chalk full of everything delicious. they make all their own ice cream, and the main focus of the menu is crepes and waffles with their ice cream. then there is sundae's and cakes too. o-m-g.
too many choices! (bberry blurry picture)
 ah, it's me; close-up!
and dyl! (why do these pictures look so grainy? probably because of bad lighting...)
waiting impatiently for dessert :P
good ole' new york style cheesecake for dyl
i can't remember what mine was called (and they don't put the menu online) but it was a fresh crepe with homemade white chocolate ice cream inside with caramel and apples :) mm mm good. yes, it looks like a blob, but a good blob it was!

we both polished off our desserts (ok, i couldn't finish quite all of it..i get a stomach ache from ice cream :( ) and then went back to dylan's place for a bit. we were watching criminal minds and then my friend mentioned she wanted some wings, so we picked her up and got some wings. i didn't eat though; i was still too full! dylan told the waitress i already had my tic-tac for the day haha

and that's that..our little date night.


Xo said...

Looks delish!! & I loveeeeee your hair!!

Brittany said...

LMAO at Dylans comment! What did the waitress say? ha ha ah!

The dessert looks great

and I LOOVEEEEEE criminal minds!! :))

Dree said...

YUM! Wow, that place sounds amazing. Lovely pictures of you both!

Unknown said...

Does this place deliver? To say..Colorado?? :) :)

ashley said...

ahh sounds good! crepes are one of my faaave treats!

Sarah said...

How fun!

Looks DElicious!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a wonderful date idea! The food looks delicious. :]

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