Tuesday, September 21, 2010

how a sunday should be...

it's not very often dylan gets a sunday off, but this past sunday worked out for us. we got up bright and early and were out the door just after 8 to head to the St Lawrence Market, well the antique market part. of course because we're early birds, the subway didn't start until after 9 (doh! we always forget this!) so we ended up walking the majority of the way. eventually, the subways were open, we grabbed our day pass for $10 that gives us both unlimited use of transit for the day. plus, it was just a beautiful day; sun was out, hovering around 18 degrees.
all the outdoor vendors, then to the right, there's a huge indoor space
that would be dylan's finger, trying to block the bright sun
his $10 find at the market, quite pleased with it (notice the matching grins from dylan and the dog?)
after the market, it was time to take chloe to the paw-pawrazzi photo opp
after that, it was off to the Distillery District. it's such an awesome area in toronto, all old buildings and breweries, shops and restaurants, art spaces and more.
i love this part; the tree lights up when you walk under it
art around the district 
and then we ate here on queen st, on the way home. so so good! 4 cheese pizza and layered nachos with guacamole mmm
and a steam whistle for dyl

we were go-go-go from 8am until 6:30 when we got home. such a good day. we hadn't done stuff like this in a long time.

anywho, it's supposed to be 26 degrees today..what!? it's been 18-21ish for the last few weeks and the rest of week is supposed to be 19-20 again. but i guess today decided to be a hot one. please go away and don't come back until next summer!


Brittany said...

What a great Sunday! You guys make the cutest couple, seriously! Could you two be anymore photogetic!

Misty Michelle said...

OMG! Dylan makes the FUNNIEST faces!! HAHAHAHA..

Amanda - Small Home Big Start said...

Looks like you guys had a great Sunday outing and took full advantage of this wonderful city we live in :)

Unknown said...

cute jacket! looks like you guys had a wonderful sunday!
xoxo, jamie

Blicious said...

CUTE PICS!!!! love your jacket!


Brianna! said...

looks like a serious blast
I love photo filled posts:)

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