Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i light the fire...

on saturday morning, dylan and i woke up a little early. me about 7:45am and him 8 (after me turning on the lights and ripping the blankets off him). shortly after that we were on the road looking for garage sales. we had looked the night before and found a site where you can search by area and there were 270 listed for just this weekend(!!!) i thought i would try garage sales on saturday before going to the flea market on sunday. good thing too. (if you missed it, this is what i plan on doing with the frames)

total # of garage sales visited: 21
frames bought: 11
total $$ spent: i think 3.50..$4.50 at the most..what what!
$6 for spray paint
=quite a success
oh and can't forget the dozen donuts we picked up on the way home *my parents were having company that night, not all for us*
it might look like chicken, but it's apple fritters on the left! nom nom nom
all of my purchases! soon to be made sleek and black.

see the picture in the top right with the lady dancing? i might actually keep that picture in there. the rest, well that's my  next task; finding pictures i like and fitting them to the right size. most likely sepia or black and white. and also see the light switch plate? that was .25 cents! i definitely needed a new once, since i still have my old on one, which is purple and sparkly! i was looking forward to starting to spray paint the frames right when we got home, but of course, it started raining. and it's since rained sunday and monday too. this weekend is supposed to be sunny, so i should be able to work on my project then! yay! pretty sure this is my first DIY..go me!


katie said...

omg, that's such a good idea! I'm totally going to do that.

Brittany said...


I found so many awesome things this past spring! I love antiques.. (but not crap!) I found a whole bunch of antique cameras, a few trunks, and old bottles.. I was in HEAVEN!

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous of your garage sale frames! I went the other weekend and could not find a single frame. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Anna Walker said...

great idea, I may have to steal it from you! :)


Annie said...

the donuts look delicious!!
i need frames, i wish i wouldn't have sold so many of mine at my last garage sale!
i recently painted a bunch of frames black and lime green and printed pics for them....cheap and looks awesome in our office!

Anonymous said...

Good finds! You can get some really super deals on great stuff at garage sales.

Sarah said...

This is a great project! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Finding treasures at garage sales is such a great feeling, too!

Anonymous said...

I have a photo wall... LOVE IT! I am actually thinking about doing another one in a different room. Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

New follower BTW! Cute blog! :)

Alicia said...

fun! i love love love going to garage sales! i can't wait to see how the finished product turns out!

dating diva said...

That's such a great fun idea!


Miss amanda said...

This is a great idea. I love garage sales too... nothing like getting a great bargain.

And the doughnuts look amazing. I am really craving something naughty to eat now!

Hepburn Hilton said...

I love the woman in the red skirt! I can't see to closely, but I'm sure my grandmother has the same one!! Or at least she has that same woman in an other pose! I love that picture, I been dropping hints to my grandma since I was a child ;) My grandfather picked it up in Souther'n Europe some 30-40 years ago.

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