Monday, August 9, 2010

flea market sundays

  • our first of the summer-me and dyl (last year we went at least 5x, this summer we were not so lucky)
  • up at 7:45am
  • at the flea market by 9am
  • wandering around
  • looking for skeleton keys and anything else eye catching-no such luck
  • got 3 books (candace bushnell's 4 blondes; a true crime the good doctor; and stephen king's shining ($2 each!)
  • breakfast on the way home
  • stopping by a garage sale after that
  • seeing a new value village across the highway and checking it out
  • spotting a moschino purse and getting it for a steal (but no idea if it's authentic or not, but i figure i better grab it up)
  • home at noon and back to toronto
 flea market via

i didn't bust out my camera this time around, too bad. it's such a huge market and there's no real organization to it, so i'm sure we miss a lot. but, we love it for an early morning sunday thing to do, i just wish we had time to go more often this summer. i'm hoping we make it to the big one in september at least.


    Brittany said...

    I'm obsessed with: Flea markets, thrifting and yard sales! I get so excited when I find treasures!

    Miss Innocent said...

    ooohh flea market!! i went there to back in sandiego! but i only bought mexican candies... lol

    i'd rather buy stuff in the flea market back in my home country, you wouldn't believe how prices of flea markets are there :)

    you could end up buying a nice top that only costs less than 5 dollars. and 5 dollars would be expensive already! :)

    Sarah said...

    L-o-v-e flea markets! One of the best places to spend a morning.

    richelle jean said...

    i loveee flea markets!! it's so fun to look at all the interesting little things.

    Katie said...

    We NEVER have good flea markets around here and if we do they are far away :(

    Bree- I think im attrabcted to metro sexual guys... my last boyfriend of 3 years waxed his eyebrows, tanned, and bleached his teeth. Steve- worksouts, bleaches his teeth, and grooms his eyebrows hahah!! I like it!! When he doesnt I complain

    chelsea rebecca said...

    i love flea markets!!
    they just had the most unique stuff and such great prices!
    mine is the last saturday and sunday of every month!

    k said...

    flea markets are so fun!

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