Monday, August 30, 2010

fall in a cup...

on friday, i got possibly the best email i got all year.
it was from starbucks.
i'm sure most of you can guess what...
...that the pumpkin spice latte would be available the next day (ie saturday).
twitter was all a buzz that it was out, but the email made it official.
so you best bet that after running errands on saturday with my mom, we stopped for one before home.
i walked in and didn't see any signs or advertising for it, which i thought i would see.
it's my turn to order and i ask the girl if they have it.
a guy behind the counter (who was getting treats and food for people ordering that stuff) pipes up and says "oh, it doesn't officially launch until tuesday!"
my response, in a sad/confused/excited way, "but i got the email saying today!" (there were people in line behind me too).
he says, "well, we've got all the ingredients to make one if you really, really, really want one"
i told him if all the stuff was in the back, to not worry about it, but he said no it wasn't and asked if i wanted one.
i smiled sweetly and said "yes! tall please!"
via google

i walked away completely satisfied and a happy girl. even though it was about 35 degrees and i was sweating, i was drinking fall.

*i should have known had i looked and paid attention to the email that it had whipped cream on it, but i didn't and it came with it. so i scooped it off when i got home. now i know!*

props to Starbucks for serving me early! next up is the gingerbread latte.


Steph @ Professors_Wife said...


Brittany said...

yummmmyyy! Don't you just love fall!

He must have thought you were cute! Gave you star treatment!

Anonymous said...

YUM. As a past Starbucks barista... let me just say... YUM. I may have to walk to Starbucks today now. :)

Anonymous said...

Yayy! Autumn is here! The pumpkin spice latte is sooooo good.

Dree said...

Aw that was so nice!! I just realised that when I move in two weeks I will be in very close proximity to a real Starbucks...! They don't do pumpkin lattes but I might just have to hook myself up daily with a gingerbread latte!

ashley said...

hahaha.. i'm glad they didn't make you walk away with disappointment!

JMay said...

Yayyyy!!! Thats my fav :-) omg, so excited!

Sarah said...

So sweet that he made it for you!

That drink sounds delightful!

Miss Innocent said...

what's wrong with whip cream?? lol i love whip cream on my fraps! hihi

anyway... that barista was really nice! hasn't been launched yet but he made you an exemption. hmmmm

so how was it? i cant wait to get one myself :)

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