Friday, July 23, 2010

our story

**this is probably going to be quite lengthy** i've had this as a draft for about a year and earlier this week i finished it and decided to finally post it.

how we met:

I : graduated high school in 2005, wanting to get into dental hygiene, but didn't-turned out to be a good thing, because i soon changed my mind. i then decided to apply to Mohawk college for general arts and science (more health based), mostly because my bff was going into that. i didn't want to waste my parents money going right into university because i knew i had no idea what i wanted to do the future. i soon changed my mind-kind of late in the game, we're talking like august here-and decided just to go for general arts and science (the non health based). i finished my first year, made some friends here and there and then went on the 2nd and final year.(classes were very small here-about 30-40 people, and everyone had the same schedule, so you were with the same people everyday, every class).

He: graduated high school in 2004, went to mohawk for general arts and science, and then switched to a Mohawk/McMaster program for cardiovascular tech program for second year. things didn't turn out like they should have and he didn't finish the end of the year. that brought him back to his second year of general arts and science at mohawk-we were now in the same spot.

as you can see (or read), neither of us were really planning on being in that program, but we somehow ended up there.

second year was the same-same people, same classes, same schedule. september rolled along and classes started. i had kind of noticed dyan in classes, mostly because he is the opposite of shy, and when discussions or debates came up-he made sure his voice was heard lol me on the other hand-very shy and soft spoken! dylan had a group of friends that i casually talked to the odd time because i knew them from the year before, but we had never really spoken. except for one time, in the hallway waiting to go into class-he kind of struck up a conversation asking if i played any sports. HA, that would be a big fat NO! he asked if ever snowboarded (he's a big fan) and again i said no. that's pretty much where the conversation ended i think lol

he says the first time he really noticed me in class was one day when i curled my hair, instead of wearing it straight awww lol and i totally remember what i was wearing that day 4 years ago.

anyways, october comes and i think it was a wednesday (2006) and we were writing a philosophy test. when we were done the test, everyone from the 'gang' of friends kind of waited outside the room for the rest of the friends to finish. i was out there talking to dylans friends and he then asked me what i was doing-either we had a big break before the next class, or we were done for the day, i don't remember-i was going to pick up my friend at her house and go to the mall with her to look for halloween costumes; so i said 'i'm going to the mall' and he says 'mind if i come' uhh sure haha i didn't really think he would, i thought he was just saying that.

so all our friends finished the test, and were walking towards the lounge/parking lot. me and dylan were ahead of everyone else, talking (pretty much for the first time), and when we turned around a few minutes later, the rest of our friends were gone! so, needless to say, he ended up coming to the mall with me and to pick up my friend. i can imagine her surprise when she comes outside and sees this new guy sitting in the front seat of the car. haha

it gets a little awkward here-we had never introduced ourselves to each other lol weird, i know. but he always wore a school ring, and it had his name on it, so i kind of noticed that. but then, the whole way to pick up my friend, i'm thinking to myself "omg i have to introduce him and i don't know his name!" lol terrible---i knew it was a D name, and i was going between dylan and darryl i think it was. so we get to my friends house, conversation was going good and she walks to the car and gets in; here it goes, "this is my friend vanessa, vanessa this is....darryl." i just went for it, a little bit under my breathe, then he corrected me..ohhh no lol but at least now i knew his name haha so we went to the mall, and things were normal, we were talking, laughing, and such...

a few days later, either oct 6 or 7 (the fri or sat), i was supposed to go out for my friends birthday (her birthday is on the 5th)-the plan was to go to the casino. i was talking to dylan on msn, and then soon realized that those plans fell through. in casual conversation, i told him that, and he just said something along the lines of asking me out for dessert instead, seeing as i was now not doing anything. well, i didn't know if he was serious, or just being nice or really? lol i had never been asked on a date before. yeah, weird. so i went for it, and luckily my parents were out that night, so i didn't have to explain anything to them about a possible 'new' guy. he didn't live very far (at this point i was still living in hamilton, obviously before my toronto days), only about 15 minutes away, but he lives downtown, and i'm not familiar with that area-so i went way past his house to pick him up lol, but i eventually made it and we went on our way to main desserts which is sadly now closed. i was really nervous but the night seemed good.

now, this whole time, i never really thought he liked me-i thought he was kind of with someone else in our class-they always hung out and she would tell me they held hands and stuff and hung out the odd time (holding hands-scandalous!). i just figured he was becoming a good friend of mine.

after class one time, my mom picked me up and gave dylan a ride home. i think this was the first time they met? anyway, he mentioned going on a hike (which was like unheard of for me) but i thought, ok i can do this. so we did. we packed a picnic and went on a 3 or 4 hour hike. the whole time, i still didn't think he liked me even though everyone was telling me otherwise. we took some pictures by a waterfall and when we put them on facebook, everyone said they looked like engagement photos! haha
 october 26, 2006.

a couple weeks after we first started talking, i was leaving the school parking lot and it was raining lightly and i had my glasses on. so i'm in my car just inching along to get out of the lot and i took my glasses off to wipe the rain off. and while i had my head down, i bumped into the car in front of me. great! luckily, i was going like 5km so there was no damage except a bit of paint  from my license plate on his bumper. i didn't know what to do, so i called dylan of all people!

then we started studying together at my parents place for all our tests and we would study a bit, then cuddle and then in a short time we were kissing between all the studying. november 20th, 2006, in my parents basement studying for psych, he asked me to be his girlfriend. in april 2007, we graduated college and in august 2007, i moved to toronto for university and dylan stayed in hamilton for university. and almost 4 years later, here we are!

july 16, 2010♥

if you made it to the end, bravo! haha
that's our story in a (not so) nutshell.


Brittany said...

what an adorable story! I love it

You two are sooo CUTE together!

Ms. Emmy N said...

Cute!! Any guy that asks to come to the mall is definitely a keeper :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Awww! What a great story hon, thanks for sharing!

Mon Cheri said...

thats so frickin cute, the first day he noticed you was when you curled your hair <3 awwwww


Brianna! said...

I love reading a good love story:)
Thanks for sharing.
I also met my Mr. when I started College!!!

I always knew college had to be good for something;)


Nikolett said...

Whoooa, I just graduated from McMaster, such a small world haha! Such an adorable story, and those waterfall pics do look like engagement photos :D I, too, met my boyfriend at school! Thanks for sharing this cute story and I hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

SO cute :)

Not Used said...

This is a great story! Thanks for sharing it, I was curious :)

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