Friday, July 16, 2010


now that i'm back at my parents for the weekend and my dad put in the new router, my computer won't pick it up. so i have no i'm quickly writing this up at dylan's place and i have to, if you missed yesterday's post, check it out for some awkward stories!

have a good weekend! i'm going out for my birthday tonight (it's not till monday) and i have my cousins engagement party tomorrow night!


Stacy said...

We have the same birthday!!! A-woo-hoo! We're going out for dinner to celebrate tomorrow night...doesn't it suck to have a Monday birthday!?

molly said...

ahhh sometimes being internetless for a few days is soooo nice! have fun tonight!

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and "meeting Diego"... I couldn't help but notice that you love the Dance Mix '95 album??? HAHAHA! I LOVED DANCE MIX CDS! I still do! Rhythm of the Night by Corona... my favorite dance song EVER

Brianna! said...

It's monday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I also told you on twitter to be sure you got some super SPECIAL birthday love sent your way!

have a fantastic day dear!

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