Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so, a bunch of things really..

so today is a day spent studying! fun fun. i had a paper due yesterday (which was given a 6 day extension and still left it till the day before!) and i have a midterm tomorrow. summer school is a joy...in actuality though, it's really not that bad. like the class i'm taking for instance? it sucks, it's boring (the only thing good is the hot, young instructor ha!) and thankfully it's only about 3 months long. if i were to take it in the regular school year, it was a dreaded 8 months. so yes, in that sense, i'm happy to devote 2 hours every monday and wednesday to a summer class.

on thursday, i'll be cleaning my place up and packing up to head to my parents place for 2 weeks! since the next summer term doesn't start until july 5 (and the first term is done tomorrow), i figure i'll go home for a bit. plus, the whole G20 Summit thing is kind of scary. they've hired like an extra 10,000 cops, and previous summits have been known to have violence and tear gas (i think) and other not good stuff-hm, that's not very grammatically correct; oh well. it's all happening fairly close to me and the university is even shutting down because the protests happen at Queens Park, which is somewhat in the middle, off the side kind of, of campus. so i'll be hightailing it out of here!

i'm also getting so excited for cottaging in a few weeks!! weeee. i can almost start looking at the 2 week weather forecast, even though i know it won't be very accurate 2 weeks in advance. although i still need bathing suit bottoms, and i'm really not willing to pay more than $15 or so. all i'm looking for is plain black, and it's surprisingly hard, dammit. i went to h&m about 2 weeks ago to try them on, sometime after i bought my cute bathing suit top, and i grabbed a couple different styles, sizes 2 and 4 and went to change room. i go to put the 2 up my leg, it doesn't get past my calf!!! what!!? it seriously did not go past my knee hahah who fits in this?! even the 4-forget about it! and then i left and got some starbucks haha

lastly, there is fountain by my house and chloe just loves going in it. it was finally filled yesterday for the summer and i can't wait to take her for a little 'dip' later on when it warms up. i could only let her in the shallow part yesterday because i didn't have time to dry her before class if i were to let her go in the deep part. but today-she can do whatever she wants! :)
aww, she was loving it, it was so hot out. sadly, i had to drag her out to head back home :(

in a few hours, we'll be back chloe!


Valia Lind said...

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Thanks! :)

Hepburn Hilton said...

Glad you're having such a great day! And I think procrastination is a infectious disease among us students. I do it to..To often!

Emily @ TheLastWord said...

I live in Pittsburgh and we had the G20 here last year. I don't live in the city anymore, but it was super annoying. Traffic was a mess. The violence and rioting was not as bad as they thought it was going to be, but it still seemed pretty intense to me. Anyway, a bunch of freaks dressed in black with hoodies and safety pins and bandanas took over the city for a few days and broke windows and stuff. It was sad because a lot of the vandalism they did was on small independent family-owned shops and restaurants. Not sure what they were trying to prove. And yeah, there was tear gas.

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