Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 years ago today...

dylan invited himself along to the mall with me. so big deal, right? well this was in college, and we had never spoken to each other (actually, that may be a small lie, i think one time he asked me if i was a snowboarder, and i said no, and there wasnt much else talked about at that time-a little shy). we finished a test, and while waiting outside the classroom, he asked me what i was up to. i said to was going to the mall with my friend (bc we had a huge break before our next class) to look for halloween costumes. he asked if he could come along...took me a little off guard-but i thought ook..anyways, with our friends behind us, we started talking and walking to the parking lot, and i really didnt think he was actually going to come with me.

as we got to the doors to the parking lot, we looked behind us and our friends were, we went to the mall! ha..and that was the start of things....

this was one of the first pictures of us together-im not sure we were even dating here yet, actually yes we were, but it was still very was after we saw a hypnotist at college one night..

anyways, thanks for speaking up and asking to come to the mall! lol im certainly glad you did!! love youuu!!! <3

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Punky said...

That is such a cute story!

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