Sunday, September 13, 2009

star sightings...

so right now, TIFF is going on in toronto-right in my neighbourhood (toronto international film fest)! its pretty exciting..on friday night, dylan and i went for a walk around yorkville-every car over like $300,000 is out in full effect and lined up one after the other on the streets. sassafraz is a pretty hot place where celebs go during the festival, so i thought we could walk by there; and what do you know, crowds and busy sidewalks..word got out matt damon and michael douglas were inside..michael douglas came to the window and waved to everyone and although i got a picture, it was really crappy quality (my usual camera broke and is being fixed grrr). then matt damon walked outside and i got a perfect look at him (what a cutie!) and when dylan tried to take a picture-there was a little camera problem and there was no pic!! ahh anyways, saturday when we were taking chloe out for a walk, we passed the four seasons restaurant and kim cattrall was eating inside..
so although the festival only started 3 days ago-ive seen a few good faces..and hopefully ill see more ;)

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