Sunday, September 13, 2009

MTV video music awards

lady gaga is fierce!!!! ive always been a fan of her music, her crazy outfits, her amazing piano skills and ever changing hair...tonight, she did not disappoint. that performance of paparazzi was incredible!! (in my opinion)..maybe i loved it more because that has always been my favorite song of hers anyways.
then there was kanye--what an ass; say it on his twitter, or on his websi
te, dont interupt her (taylor swift) damn speech!!
and then she had to give a performance right after...which she still rocked..

picture from here

and isnt beyonce singing single ladies in a unitard with the same dance moves getting old now? because i certainly think it is...
oh and what about pink-apparently she is an acrobat too!?! that was another pretty cool performance..

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