Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lou lou's block party!

for lou lou magazines 5th anniversary, they held a block party on bloor street today...a bunch of stores (like winners, guess, joe fresh, puma, town shoes, banana republic...) all had sales and stuff! i knew that winners was giving away a gift bag when you spent $25, so i headed on over after my class finished-the 'party' was going on from 5-9 i think, and i made it there about 5:15.
when you went up the elevator, they had a table of cupcakes, ballots to fill out and free samples of that red rain drink...delish!
i wasnt going to buy something just so i could get the gift bag! i didnt even know what would be in there-it could have been a piece of gum and a chocolate bar lol luckily, i found a cute sweater, however it was 24.99..of course...1 penny under! i got a bottle of hairspray (always needed..)

big bag full of 'stuff ' sweater i got-angora, so cozy and fall-ish (crappy pic quality-other camera still being fixed boo)'statement' necklaces they were also giving away with the goodybags..hmm what will it look like??black strap is my other necklace...all the goodies!!! and of course, the magazine...
it was like a christmas stocking!! haha (those are the best). anywho, even though school only started 2 weeks ago, i have been reading non stop everyday, allday-its my full time job. ive done all my readings for this week (except for tomorrows class, which i will do tmrw, since the class isnt till 6 and i have the rest of the day off) and tonight i plan to take a break, watch ANTM and read my lou lou magazine! sounds good to me!!!
thanks lou lou and winners

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