Monday, September 28, 2009

busy, busy weekend

my mom came & picked me up on thursday night after class to go home for the weekend! yay...on friday morning we went to ikea, bought nothing big (except a replacement plate which i broke a while ago), and then we headed home. i had started feeling crappy thursday and by friday night, i could tell i was getting stuffed up and i still had a sore throat...

i woke up saturday still feeling the same, but the contac cold and flu kicked in pretty and dylan went to the aberfoyle antique market because it was the "fall special" where different vendors come from all over and there is more furnature and what not. i mean, ya there some good stuff like bookshelves and bookcases, but it was a lot more expensive than the regular vendors-so we went home with nothing. the rest of the day was spent laying around not feeling good, trying to write out lecture notes and eating baked goods my mom was making for the bridal shower the next day!

so, sunday, like i just said, was the bridal was my nextdoor neighbours son who is getting married (i mean, these people were like my 2nd parents growing up, theyve been neighbours for about 25 years, so their 2 sons are like my brothers)..therefore, it was his fiance's shower..
mom and me before the shower/not sure why the quality sucks!? booomoi, jan (neighbour), kathy*bride, her mom and my momso many great gifts-ie, a tonne of kitchenware!! wow..can i have a bridal shower, minus the bride part, to get all that stuff!?! hahahubby to be bringing flowers...the couple..just over a month until the wedding!

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