Thursday, August 20, 2009

surprise, surprise...

i had another (red velvet) cupcake wasnt planned..i dont mean to eat this many..
let me explain..
i was at the mall, getting a picture developed at blacks..and i was told i had to wait a whole hour just to get one picture done!!
so as i was aimlessly walking around underground (theres not much in this "mall") i passed the
holt renfrew cafe ...dare i go in? in my sweat shorts and tank top none the less? lol

but i did, and there was 2 of my fave cupcakes sitting there..
the girl rings it thru..a whopping $4.15 for a tiny little cupcake with more icing than cake..
i was excited, i grabbed a seat, and took a bite...totally disappointed..
1) these cupcakes should always have cream cheese icing, not buttercream, i repeat, not buttercream...
2) the cake was not moist, rather dry, and tiny..
3) the price is just ridiculous, guess that's what you get at the holts cafe..

sadly, this cafe is cut from my list of places to get the lovely velvety cupcakes.

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