Sunday, August 2, 2009


im all packed up and ready to go! (except for the stuff i need to use in the morning)...after big brother at 8 tonight, im off to bed-seeing as i gotta be up around 5 and leave at about 6!! if all goes well with traffic and such, we should be in the city just after 2pm...well stop for our tim hortons coffees, some bagels and be on our way.

shall be a good time... :)
i was gonna bring my computer, for something to do at night, but im having second thoughts--what if the border asks questions, and it ends up being a bigger deal than its probly not worth it. blah, what am i gonna do for 5 days without a computer!! at least i have my blackberry lol

be back thursday; unless were having a really great time, then well be back friday.

1 comment:

Dylan said...

Seriously - bring your computer...

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