Tuesday, August 18, 2009

its looking up...(or down..?)

i say its looking up, because the temperature is finally going down-instead of horid 40 degree temps and nasty humidity, its gonna be a balmy 30 tomorrow!! haha if we werent in a heat wave right now, that would totally be way too hot, but now, im looking forward to it! ill take chloe to the park, do some strolling around town on my own, and who knows what else--being back in toronto is so much freer; i can go anywhere, walk anywhere, and do whatever i want, without having to hear my dad say "what about chlo?" when i want to go somewhere...honestly, he still thinks she needs to be watched like a 5 month old baby..shes 2, shes completely housetrained, she stopped chewing 1 year ago...gahh!!

anywho, im just watching 'make me a supermodel' right now, and the final 4 got a $2000 shopping spree at bloomingdales and they have only 30 minutes to spend it. one of the guys just said the best line...
"i was pissing money away; and it felt fuckin great!" haha amazing.

king of queens is on until 2am..very awesome (like my fave show-party bc its kind of, a little bit, maybe, like me and dylan, except dylan is a liiitle bit less lazy :p and im a little bit (a lot bit) less bitchy) lol soo thats what ill fall asleep to tonight...sounds good to me.

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