Wednesday, August 12, 2009

catch up...

yesterday, i went with my friend to a new forever 21 that opened recently. i got a few things : a black tee that says 'I ♥ PARIS', some orange nail polish (even though its not halloween!), a flowy type sleeveless black sweater, and the best of all---they had just plain spaghetti tanks for, get this, $2.50!!! whoa, i usually wear tanks under tops, so i picked up a white one, black one and blue one-score!

last night was my work party-end of summer thing-good times, free food, free drinks, lots of bug bites, yup summers coming to an end. and i got a $10 tim card-woot woot

around 1030 this morning, me and my mom went to walmart to get some pics developed, then we were gonna go to get some groceries and then i wanted to go by my work to double check that i was working at 11am at first we were gonna get groceries after walmart, but my mom said lets go to work first then go back-so just after 12 i go in and check the schedule..what do it see? wed-11-7 UMM that would be now, like an hour ago!! haha oops totally mixed up my days, luckily the manager is my next door neighbor, ive worked there for 5 years, never been late, never miss a shift type of person ha they didnt even call me, they said they were gonna wait a little longer-lol they just laughed about it-so i went home quickly, changed and my mom packed me a lunch...on to the next point...

because we had lunch meat and cheese but no bun, she said she would drop me off and go to zarkys then bring me a bun to work. and thats what she did, but bc i was with a customer when she came, she put it in the fridge for me. when its time for lunch, i pull out my lunch bag and the zarkys bag-which had a little mediterranean salad type thing in it (couscous, diced tomatoes, basil, that kind) and eat up. i didnt eat everything so i brought the rest home and when i got home, my mom was putting the stuff back in the fridge, and when she pulls out the salad, shes like "whats this?" and i give her this weird look, thinking like, "hello, you brought it for me?!" and she said she didnt bring it!! lol OMG i ate part of someones lunch!! hahah wow awkward ... but more so funny-it was already half done, but sometimes when my mom brings me things, she will take half for herself bc she knows i wont eat it all..yup-good day i had today!

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