Wednesday, July 22, 2009

girls and desserts

last night, me and my 3 girlfriends went out for some dessert.
now, the dessert selection process was a liiitle more difficult than needed....
the 3 of the girls all wanted this skor cheesecake that is supposed to be the bomb or something. so they go ahead and tell the waitress they would each like a piece...the response.."oh sorry, that isnt on the menu anymore..weve replaced it with such and such cheesecake.." which was then followed by "oh nos", groans, and sighs lol

so, while they were deciding how to fill the void, i figured i would tell her what i wanted-the chocolate cake...and what happens? ya, thats not on the menu anymore either!! like first off, who doesnt have chocolate cake?!? and of teh 4 desserts on the menu, 2 are no longer offered!? geeez...
the cake had been replaced with a fondu...asked how much it was, the girl said about $10-sold, me and another girl split it.
needless to say, it came and we were pleased-brownie pieces, sponge cake pieces, apples, strawberries, and pineapple..yumm yumm yumm!! and when the bill came, it was only $5.95!! thats totally cheaper than buying everything yourself and making it at score for the night. so, we enjoyed our desserts, talked about girl stuff, our lives, school, the summer and everything else. twas a good night!

tonight, my bff (of 20 years-seriously, we met when we were 2 in gymnastics) came over to drop over my bday gift. she says im hard to buy for lol she ended up getting me these cute little juicy hair clips-weird, cuz the last few days ive been online at fun and fancy bobbypins...she read my mind! we normally dont even buy eachother bday gifts, but i guess bc she figured i didnt do anything extravagant on the weekend, and she couldnt make it camping, that she would.

cant wait to wear them! ...what i also cant wait for: getting my hair done tmrw-just the roots-majorly needed...

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Elizabeth Marie said...

Yay I'm glad you liked it!!!! I'm also glad you weren't like that unbeweavable chick was so WRONG lol.

Awwww cute gift from your bestie!! XO

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