Wednesday, July 29, 2009

come on gang!

this video may appear to be very old school (which it probably is), but let me tell you-its one trusty 9 minute video! -8 movements for 45seconds each-i find it works pretty darn good, and at the time when i did it for about a 3 week stint, i definitely noticed a saying that, i probably start up again. even the next morning, you can feel the difference...and who doesnt have 9 minutes in the morning or before bed?! the "come on gang" comments always make me laugh, and remember, "this will never hurt you" haha i just get 3 or 4 upbeat songs that i really like at the moment on my itunes, and turn the volume off on the video-that way, im thinking about the music and not about the for me anyways ;-)

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