Monday, July 20, 2009

camping we go

so, like i said, this past weekend i went camping-the weather was supposed to be crappy and i debated cancelling, but didnt-and its a good thing, because it didnt rain!
there was many drinks, spider dogs, chips, laughs, bugs, smores, my own person 'pee tree' (say what?), fire jumping and more...
before heading offcheers, we're here!

see, i told you i had a pee tree ;) lol (although i didnt use it)

and, heres the fire jumping!-dont worry he was safe! second day-nice long hike..

totally rockin the bandana...or not? (and dont worry, im totally not making that face thinking it makes me look 'cool' and 'gangster' lol im aware its a stupid face ha)

the video that dylan is making shall be up soon, once he finishes it that is...sooo hurry up dylan!!!


Dylan said...

I'm trying to hurry!

Stephanie said...

Camping is so much fun, but so miserable during TX sumers. Looks like you had a good time.

What's a spider dog?

Bree said...

spider dogs are hot dogs that you slice the ends of and put them on a stick to roast over the fire, then it all curls up! :)

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