Wednesday, May 6, 2009

shopping day

on my agenda for today was to find a mothers day gift and finish dylans gift with something else small. i was at a complete loss for mothers day-my mom has a lot! jewelry is usually the answer. i went to a bunch of different stores yesterday and nothing..i checked out banana republic online bc yesterday as i passed by, i saw a sign for 30% off all accessories. why i didnt just go in then, i dont know? i saw a bunch of cute stuff on the site today, so i decided i would walk on over, well none of the stuff was actually in the stores-disappointed. then i headed to guess, marciano, mendocino (which i picked up a little black tank for me to wear for dyls birthday dinner-on sale for $22 yay), and club monaco. thank god i finally found something at club monaco-2 bracelets, how original : but theyre nice, and she will love them bc she loves accessories and of course, theyre pretty.

somewhere in there, among my time out, i found something for dylan. so now hes done too! we're going out for dinner on friday or sat--trying to find somewhere-i think its down to lobby, empire, or sky lounge. however, the drinks at lobby are $18 and $25 yikes!! but, its up to him.

oh and when i was at mendocino, i picked up this little dress on a hanger. it wouldnt normally be my thing, it was a one piece dress, made to look like a top with a high waisted skirt. the skirt was tutu style, with a ribbed tank top. i thought, what the heck, ill try it on seeing as i am looking for cute things to wear in nyc that will be light and easy. i actually really liked it when i tried it on. it was $88 tho, so i figure, ill go back with dylan tomorrow and see what he thinks. but i do love tutu's..

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