Saturday, April 11, 2009

writers block

saturday night..just after 10pm and im working on an essay..blah
at least im making progress..3.5 pages..its a start..ive got hells kitchen on, chloe is sleeping on my legs and i think my feet are asleep!
good news is that on wed @4pm, all essays will be complete and i will have 1 exam left to worry about a week later
then..helloooo SUMMER!! couldn't be more excited!
still not sure what im doing work wise..staying in toronto or going home and back to a job that i've had the past 4 summers that i kinda hate : time to make a decision. of midnight..50 days till NYC ♥♥♥ my other love (besides dylan, and chloe..) {us last year bright and early in the city after getting off the bus}

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