Sunday, April 5, 2009


well, this morning after dylan left at 930 to head home, i went to metro for some groceries, i mostly just wanted a fruit salad and cappuccino frozen yogurt actually. i got there and they had ben and jerrys on sale! oh no, thats the good stuff! regular $6.99 on for $3.99. at first i looked at the freezer and noticed there was a huuge empty space with only like 3 little hagan daaz ice creams, and when i looked at the price, i realized why. so i scooped up the banana split ben and jerry's.. (and i might have also gotten the cappuccino ice cream too...)

needless to say, my bill consisted of 2 ice creams and a fruit salad..good one lol on my way home, i stopped at bagel world. quite surprised when i walked in. much bigger than i expected, full of little tables and booths and a rather big menu.. i stuck with a buttered bagel and coffee...the bagel was awesome-all freshly baked every morning...then dylan texted me to pick up an "eye weekly" because there an article about a quarter life crisis. so on my way back, i did that.

so there i was, sunday morning at 1030, walking home with my groceries, coffee, bagel and paper--i felt like my parents! i dont feel my age (21 soon to be 22), i feel younger, but at the same time i feel older..weird.. but i enjoyed my walk with my hands full..juggling the coffee and trying to eat a hot bagel. good stuff

the rest of the day is pretty much a bore--i must attempt to be a studious student..not sure why im so worried for these 2 exams, theyre worth no more than a regular test..i guess because its my last chance to do well and keep my mark up/increase my mark :S
i better not even turn the tv on, if i see CSI, well there goes my studying..

oh and when dylan came over yesterday, he had brought some flowers over, hes known for bringing me flowers for no reason at all :) lucky me ! seeing as i have no vases (which i should probably work on that, you would think i would have at least one by now..actually theyre all at my parents house..) we had to put them in some empty wine bottles, yep, on the spot thinking..

aw chloe was curious. she wanted to smell the flowers.

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