Saturday, April 18, 2009

i love the beach

yesterday was an awesome day, everything i want my summer to be. heading down to the beaches, eating some lunch-we ate at 'lion on the beach'-good place, i like it there-walking up and the strip and looking at the stores. the best part was getting ice cream at baskin robins (we were hoping for ben and jerrys but realized it was closed! and turning into a bagel world) and then hitting the beach and sitting on a rock with our feet over the water. we were all so relaxed and just didnt want to leave. i so wish i could just do this all summer--do the whole unemployed thing just ONE summer and enjoyyyyy it before its to late and im done school with a full time job.
anywho, dylans at the earth day festival today which he spent pretty much the last 8 months putting together and funding for with a group of people-hopefully the weather is as nice as it was yesterday and a lot of people come out! right now its a little overcast and only about 13, but maybe its a bit warmer in hamilton. and what the heck is up with the weather starting tmrw?! its going down to like 7 and 8 and possible snow! say what?! not fair to tease us with this nice weather.
today, i plan on being kinda lazy again, doing some reading (again-exam prep : ) and probably starting my review; reading my non-school related book; taking chloe out an exhausting walk; and maybe going out myself for a coffee on a patio somewhere :)

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Dylan said...

Your day sounds wonderful <3 Miss you

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