Thursday, March 19, 2009

simply amazing

i just had THE best fruit salad.ever.
im trying to do this whole eat better/work out thing ...
i decided to take a walk to a fruit stand that's only about a 7 minute walk from my place (bonus #1 !)
then i realized just how cheap this place was (bonus #2 !)
i was able to get:
*6 bananas
*2 kiwis
*2 quart (?) things of strawberrys
all of this for only $8 (bonus #3 !)..i was pretty impressed, considering last week in the grocery store the strawberrys were like $5 for one package

so when i got home i cut everything up, put it all in a bowl with the pineapple i already had and enjoyed myself a nice snack!

i felt it was necessary to include a picture just to show it off ;) i loved every bite of it.

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