Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the joys of education

i'm a big procrastinator! ..BIG ..i've had this project for a while, and now that it's due in a week, it's time to get a move on it. it's not like it's boring--i'm analyzing store window displays in rich and poor areas..interesting enough. but, things get in the way, i do other work first, you know how it is.

anyways, i went to see a guidance counsellor today, ask some questions about courses and what not. i think i have finally figured out what i want: double major in criminology and sociology with a minor in sexual diversity. fingers crossed i get into crim! (all this CSI is making me want it even more lol even tho i know its not much like reality ha) --but if i want to get into that program, that means i need good marks, therefore, i should be working on my project..right now..instead of writing this :S

C YA !

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