Friday, March 27, 2009

i always overeat!

i just got back from the food and drink fest tonight..and boy did i eat too much!! its not a bad deal, pay $10 and you get your admission and a free little wine glass to use throughout the night. then you can buy tickets to use at all the vendors and get some great food!

here's what i was able to get for about 15 tickets (and i was very full by the end of the night)---
*little slider burger
*a chai green chocolate
*pomegranite vodka martini
*penne pasta with cream sauce
*fruit kabob with honeydue, strawberry, pineapple and cantaloupe--which you could then dip in a chocolate fountain!! <3>

there was tonnes of beer and wine vendors there, but im not a big drinker, so they didnt appeal to me; but dylan was able to get a bunch of beer and some were only 1 ticket!
needless to say, right now i feel as though i can barely move and i just want my bed, so thats where im headed.

CHEERS to a good weekend :)

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