Thursday, March 26, 2009

home bound

usually every other weekend or so, i come back to my parents house. this is one of those weekends. always good to come home for a bit, have some nice meals, and kind of forget about homework and readings for a bit :P they love it when im back, and i think they really enjoy what i bring along with me, chloe (the dog) lol they just adore her. the other day i emailed this picture home, my dad said she looked sad, that she wanted to come home! haha but her home is with me! in toronto! and she's not sad, she just has dopey eyes sometimes ha
shes usually worn out by the time the weekend is done. at my parents house, shes got another dog and cat to play with; not to mention a house to run around in..although anything is bigger than my tiny little shoebox apartment :P well dylans on his way here, we're probly just gonna hang out, watch some CSI, work on my project and have tacos for dinner! yummyumm

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