Monday, November 11, 2013

weekend of celebration...

this weekend made me feel like i was 19 all over again. drinking, big groups of friends, late nights, and overall good times. we had about 15 friends get together on friday for  2 friends birthdays, and then did it all over again saturday for another friend's birthday, with a different group of friends. i'm spent, i tell ya.
 i brought doughnuts from glory hole doughnuts of course; our favorite.
night #1- birthday girl on the left.
 half girly cupcakes. half football cupcakes.
 i would say the doughnuts went over well.

on saturday, 9 of us met up at home of the brave for dinner (another favorite place of ours) before making our rounds to 3 different bars. i chose the 'autumn orchards' cocktail, thinking it sounded interesting, and oh my goodness, it's like an explosion in your mouth. i can't even describe the flavors; it was like drinking the holidays. it was made with cedar vanilla vodka, lemon spiced pear, and ginger beer. wow, like nothing i've ever had.
the masterpiece.
dyl playing a little pool.

i guess lack of pictures means a good weekend, or something like that. i have a bunch of pictures of all the girls together from friday, but with drunk guys taking them, even though about 9 in a row were taken, they're all pretty blurry and all around bad. come on boys!


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

YUM! all those treats look delish!!!! looks like a fab weekend :)

Vodka and Soda

Blicious said...

i miss donuts!!!!!


christine donee said...

I may have just drooled a little. Ok, a lot.

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